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I write scripts. I rewrite scripts.
I even occasionally sell scripts.

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Hi. I'm Yusuf.

Born and raised in the wild and unforgiving tundra of Toronto, Canada, I spent my youth hunting caribou with my tribe to survive the punishing winters of ice and darkness. Most of my friends did not make it into their teens, having been either eaten by the predators that stalked us continuously, or succumbed to the harsh environment of the wilderness. I had to smother my dear father so he would not live his life in agony after a freak beaver accident.

But, truth be told, I grew up as an average kid; obsessed with comic books and movies like every other boy my age was. I wrote my first script before I was 20, and had it produced into a cartoon for a local TV station. I had interned at one of the largest animation companies in the world before I went to university to study film.

After university, my life took a different path, as I stumbled into marketing and branding and found out that I was quite good at it. I founded an ad agency and have spent the better part of my life helping other people make money with my creativity.

In between brutal, grinding quest for food and shelter here in Canada, I have managed to option several of my screenplays as well as win a few awards along the way. Those that read my work never forget the words or the man who wrote them.

Producers like working with me, directors enjoy having quality content to shoot, and actors love the lines I give them to make their own.

But, hush, now. I must return to the hunt.

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"Yusuf does an excellent job consistently creating conflict to keep viewers engaged in the story.”

The Blacklist


Some of the Words I've Written.

Handgun and  Ammunition

Frank Cole

Procedural TV Drama

Frank Cole is a washed-up and disgraced LAPD detective who pays the bills by being a private investigator for criminals who can't go to the cops for help. When someone starts killing the children of mob-bosses in LA, Frank is called to solve the crime.


Browser Wars

Biopic Feature

The story of how a kid from Wisconsin developed the world's first internet browser and went to war with Bill Gates over control of the World Wide Web.

(Twice optioned.)

Vampire Bite


Procedural Fantasy Drama TV

In a world ruled by competing vampire factions, a human police officer must solve the murder of the most powerful vampire before his death destroys centuries of peace between the two species.

Image by Paweł Czerwiński


Medical Procedural

A brilliant hematologist and infectious disease specialist discovers that someone is infecting terminal patients at his hospital with vampirism, and races to contain the outbreak while struggling to hide that he’s also a vampire.

Free Range Chicken Farm


Thriller Feature

To save the son he had to abandon, a former Irish mob enforcer has to lie about his identity when his old mob boss arrives looking for the diamonds that were stolen from him twenty-three years ago.

(Twice optioned.)

Dark Fortress

Graveyard of Empires

Horror Feature

After her mission in Afghanistan goes badly, a female Army sergeant tries to keep her team alive as they become trapped inside a haunted Arab castle surrounded by terrorists.

(Twice optioned.)

Earth and Space

The Argonauts

Sci-fi Feature

In this imaginative, sci-fi update on the classic Greek myth, a team of misfits help a young man scour the galaxy to find a mythical weapon to save the life of his father. But will the journey make him as evil as the tyrant holding his father hostage?

(Twice optioned.)


The Outcasts

Animated Feature

A blind pig, a mute rooster and a deaf cat escape a rendering factory for defective animals and go on a journey to find a mythical healer to cure them before they are sent back and turned into hotdogs.

Men with Guns

Two Mooks

Dramedy TV

Two hitmen from Chicago escape the mob and come to Toronto to open up a café, only to have the mob follow; pulling them back into a life of murder.

Sports Car in Storm

First Bust

Action Comedy Feature

As a result of a magical amulet, a brash American cop and a meek Chinese traffic officer swap bodies and have only 24 hours to switch back to stop the assassination of the Chinese Premier from a Yakuza gangster set on revenge.

(Optioned three times.)

download (2).jpeg


Procedural Drama TV

A Native American FBI agent tries to solve the murder of a young Indian girl when her body is found on the site of a controversial pipeline.  Doing so brings him back to the reservation he abandoned years ago and to a community that doesn’t trust him.

(Optioned four times.)

Image by Julia Kicova


Horror Feature

During a snowstorm, a superstitious and highly religious family take in a mysterious stranger. Soon, their darkest fears become living nightmares as mysterious happenings and visions of evil that cause them to turn on each other.

download (1).jpeg


Sci-fi TV

In a dystopian future...
While being hunted by a US soldier, young Laura Secord must traverse dozens of dangerous kilometers to warn the Canadian Resistance that the Confederacy of the United States means to crush them at Niagara Falls, destroying any chance for a free Canada.

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